EAAS - Emerchain as a service

Blockchainizer is a data storage and processing service on the Emer blockchain. The service allows you to perform any data manipulation without the use of cryptocurrency.

What data can be stored on the blockchain?

You can store any data in any form. The only limitation is that the size of each entry cannot exceed 20kb.

The service can be used to work with Emer's standard technical solutions – ssh, ssh, dpo – or with your own prefixes.

How does it work?

Example of creating data entries in various languages

What do we offer?

User-friendly API
Full control over expenses
Web interface for manual data submission
Export of private keys

How much does it cost?

Creating an entry - 0,3$
Editing an entry - 0,25$
Deleting an entry - 0.2$
Reading an entry - Free


Cross-platform app for working with the blockchain